Alakai, sustainably hand forged.

Following the ancient practise of alchemy, it is our belief that everything, be man or metal is destined for their own journey. Each piece longs to be found transforming herself from mere mass to adornment.

We collect pieces that are sustainable, socially conscious and raw- the creative expression of the artist. 

Each piece is slowly made, curated carefully and of high quality.

We’re different. 

We’re inspired.

We’re fucking original.

Our Message

Designed for the creative, the artist, the gypsy and the free spirit.

The trinkets, tinctures and pieces each tell a story, that dresire heart’s connection and yearn to be adorned on the body of wanderers.

It’s about visceral feeling, creating meaning in a material world and expressing the truth that lies deep within the crevices of the soul.

Alakai exists to remind us to honour the journey, to revel in the experience of what is, rather the impossible strive to be or create perfection.

The world isn’t perfect.

The world is experiences.

The open, expanded mind; the fork in the road; the wandering, free, raw-hearted spirit; the travelling, story telling gypsy who is inspired a life well louved over the confines of a capitaliust mind.

She Feels

We’re expanding.

We’re looking for artists, poets and makers to share their pieces on this website.

Our dream is to create a hub.


Uplifting one another, showcasing tinkers, tailors, candlemakers, jewellers artists and prints. 

If you make it I want to hear from you.

Reach out-

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I found my heart on a dusty road, heading no where.

With a feather in my hat and a kiss that turned the corners of my mouth into a smile.

I was inspired by freedom, beauty, the streets and simplicity. I wanted to tell the stories found through metal and leather, and imprint dreams onto skin.

Each piece is made only once, reflecting the journey of a self-taught artist and the inner workings of our unique character.

The world changed with Covid- the gypsy soul was trapped and I became an Nurse.

Now, I want to do both, this duality is my identity. 

I will soothe a sick shilds cry and mend your broken skin, I will weave my tales into silver rings and tinctures.

I want to create a movement, I want your pieces, your story, showcased here.

I am as you are.