Raw Artisian Jewellery carefully curated and made by hand.

Following the ancient practise of alchemy, it is our belief that everything, be man or metal is destined for their own journey. Each piece longs to be found transforming herself from mere mass to adornment.

Ethos on fashion

We care who makes.

All our metals are sourced from fair trade and sustainable companies. Our silver, bronze and copper are all 100% recycled.

All stones used have been found by hand and shovel to allow the river to stay a river, and man to gently take his treasure.

All jewellery is made in a way that attempts to minimise environmental impact, and may guarantee ethical production.

It is our standard to ensure that the story of each Alakai piece is pure, from start to finish.

She Feels

Inspired by the beauty of the moon’s shadow. Our current range She Feels explores the innate wisdom, psyche and mystery of woman.

Before we were taught to hide from the darkness.

Before we became afraid of our own power.

For no one questions the beauty of the new moon, where predominant darkness comforts the heaviest of hearts.

These pieces represent woman.



Courtesy of social media, view our story.

From the beginning of days.

We were travelling the Nullabor Plain. I was late for Christmas in my home town and in need of a break from nursing. I began resining leaves and making necklaces from found, natural materials. We grew to a shed (after another journey across the desert) and Alakai was formally born in the hills of Byron Bay. 

Each piece is made only once, reflecting the journey of a self-taught artist and the inner workings of our unique character.

I am as you are.